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Update: More date formats, access to call recordings and agent voicemail

The update includes date/time format options, the ability for agents to easily access all call recordings related to a contact, and easy access to voicemail message creation. Read more about r64

Published 14.12.2015

Update: more compliance options

More transaction compliance options for different countries. Read more about r63

Published 23.11.2015

Update: smart contact list weighting

Smart contact list weighting! Read more about r62

Published 5.11.2015

Update: Integrate web chat to your virtual contact centre

Add more multi-channel to LeadDesk and close more deals! Read more about r61.8

Published 29.9.2015


Update: Intelligent blacklisting added to LeadDesk

Improve compliance with global blacklisting across all campaigns. Read more about r61

Published 6.7.2015


Update: The best outbound predictive just got better

New predictive for small teams plus more routing options. Read more about r59

Published 27.3.2015


Update: New for all users: easy conference calling

Close more by bringing colleagues and clients onto the call. Read more about r58

Published 5.3.2015


Update: Advanced contact data handling features added

Save time with mass editing and save money with low cost lead data. Read more about r57

Published 17.2.2015


Update: Powerful gamification features. Agent productivity up!

Grow your team culture and grow your sales. Read more about r56

Published 29.1.2015


Update: Advanced meeting calendar tools

Top B2B sales agents use LeadDesk for meeting booking. Read more about r55

Published 14.1.2015